Interesting items that are not Furniture, Early Brass, Pewter or Carvings!


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Minature chair or sample 


Old English Bronze Wool-Weights. 


Large 17th century Stoneware Bellarmine. 






Rare Leather Wig Stand. 


18th century Hoop and Spike. 




Sailors Rubber. 


Victorian Dry Measu.es. 


17th century Iron Keys 




A Mastiff Dog Collar. 


17th century Devon Mortar. 


Nuremberg Sugar Cutters. Price on Request.


18th Century Tinder Pistol. 


Powder Tester. 


Candle box. 




Large Copper Jug. 


French Fire Bucket.. 


Leather Blackjack. 


Leather Costrel. SOLD 


George 1s/t Wool Weight. SOLD 


Georgian Minature Cruet Set.. 


Italian Bronze Messingkessel. SORRY SOLD 


Leather Bombard. SOLD 


Late 18th century Blackjack. 


18th century Blackjack. SOLD 


Late 18th century Costrel. SOLD 


Late 18th century Blackjack 




Edward Neale SOLD 


George 1s/t Wool-Weight. SOLD 


Italian Copper Bowl. 




Treen Watch case. 


A Victorian Gentleman. 


Pair of Horn Hunting Cups. 


Georgian Beer Trolley. 


Leather Covered Oak Casket or Missal Box. 


Large French Andirons. 


Lady and the Gardener. 




Superb Large Mortar.. ( SOLD )  Always wanted large mortars


17th century Bellarmine. 


Mallet Bottle. 


16th centruy Iron Lock. 


Gentlemans leather tophat box. 




Pair andirons,