Our favourite section. Carvings from the 15th, 16th and 17th Centuries.


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Part of our collection of 16th and 17th century oak cavings. 


Early 17th Century Oak Panel SOLD 


Pair of Tudor Panels 


Green Man.sold 


Pair of Atlantis 




16th century oak panel. 


Medieval Carving. SOLD 


Tracery Panels. 


Early 16th century Oak Panels. SOLD 




Oak Corbel. SOLD 


Outstanding Pair of 15th century Suffolk Poppy Head Pew Ends.. For price please enquire.


Lions Head SOLD 


16th Century Oak Roundel.SOLD 


Anne of Brittany. SOLD 


Man with a Sword... Sold 


Me, in a thoughtful mood !. SOLD 


The Sin of Lust. SOLD 




Elizabethan Newel Post Lions. PLEASE PHONE. 01451831058


Early Atlantis. 


Six Mid 16th Century oak Carvings.. 




Rare Mother and Child Oak Panel.. 




Man in a Niche. 


16th Century Oak Panel. 


Praying woman oak carving. 


Oak atlantis. 


16th century portrait panel THIS CARVING WAS STOLEN FROM MY SHOP ON 27/4/07