Early Brass

Alms dishes and bowls. Early candlesticks. English and Continental.


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Dutch Pricket Candlestick. 


Large Bronze Mortar 1633 SORRY SOLD 


Wall Sconces 


Paktong Candlestick SORRY SOLD 


18th century Paktong Candlestick 


17th Century Bronze Skillet 


Gothic Lavabo 


Rare Alms Dish. 




16th Century Alms Dish 


Quart Brass Measure 


Brass Alms Dishes 


Brass Doorstop 


Adam and Eve 


Thomas Sturton Skillet 


Coffee House Candlestick 


Brass Snuffers or Douters.. 


16th century Gothic Bowl. 


Nurenberg Alms dish. 


French Pillar Candlestick. 


Pair of 17th century Trumpet Base candlesticks SOLD Candlesticks like these always purchased...


French Brass Candlestick. 


Pipe Box. 


French fire dogs. SOLD 


18th century brass candlesticks. 


Large Capstan candlestick. 


Chamber Candlestick 


18th century brass candlesticks. 


Wavy Edge Platter 


Quality French Candlesticks 


Early Chamberstick 


Mid 17th Century Trumpet Base Candlestick SOLD 


Charming Brass Caddy 




17th century Bronze Mortar