Early Brass

Alms dishes and bowls. Early candlesticks. English and Continental.


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Dutch Pricket Candlestick. 


German Gothic Mortar. SOLD 


Snuffers and Tapers. 


Brass Doorstop 


17th century Dated Bowl 


A 16th century Brass Alms Dish 


Victorian Punch and Judy 


North European Brass Candlestick. 


John Fathers Skillet.. 


18th century Spit Jack or Engine. 


Brass Snuffers or Douters.. 




16th century Gothic Bowl. 


Brass Candlestick 


Nurenberg Alms dish. 




16th century Alms Bowl. 


French Pillar Candlestick. 


Pair of 17th century Trumpet Base candlesticks SOLD Candlesticks like these always purchased...


French Brass Candlestick. 


18th century Snuffer with it's Stand. 


18th century Snuffers 


Pipe Box. 


French fire dogs. SOLD 


Swirl-base candle stick. 


18th century brass candlesticks. 


Large Capstan candlestick. 


dutch candle stick 


18th century brass candlesticks. 


Swirl base candlestick. 






Mid 17th Century Trumpet Base Candlestick SOLD